So you want to make bucks every month, huh?  If you're a good driver, have insurance and your car is NOT a Corvette (magnets don't stick to fiberglass), you're probably eligible.  Here are some questions frequently asked by Ads2Go's prospective drivers:  How much can i get paid?  About $50.00 per month for a car that's "fully loaded", that is, with about 1000 square inches of advertising on it.  What do you mean by 1000 square inches?  Generally, drivers of vehicles with more square inches of advertising get paid more.  A vehicle with about 1000 square inches would be a car with 2 12x24 signs, 2 12x24 signs and 2 6x12 signs.  In addition, vehicles will each carry between two and four small "Ads2Go" signs.


AdsMart AutoAds utilizes the personal automobile as an innovative and creative advertising medium.  We wrap a brand new Nissan Xterra or a Volkswagen Beetle in an esthetically pleasing advertisement and then give you the car to drive for FREE.  Yes, you have read correctly, we give you a brnad new Nissan Exterra or Volkswagon Beetle to drive for FREE!  This unique situation that we have created enables companies to advertise in an innovative manner while providing new cars to drivers free of charge.  We will also wrap your current vehicle and pay $ 350.00 a month!  You don't have to alter your driving habits in any way.  All you have to do is drive and get paid.



Adwraps "wraps" private vehicles in a high quality vynil adhesive with graphic images, promoting and maintaining products and brands.  these "wraps" are visually stimulating, unique and cannot be avoided due to their conspicuous location.  The wraps educate, entertain and inform motorists and pedestrians while they are commuting and outside on social and family business.  Drivers Info:  Once you have filled out the AdWraps Online Application, it is submitted to our database of existing drivers.  Our advertising clients then make selections from the database to conduct campagns within the area that they wish to advertise.  The advertiser will then view applications from the area that they are planning on running a campagn in.  They 4then go on to select applicants that they feel would best be suited for the campagn.


Free Car Program:  It's just that to you, a free car to drive for the duration of the ad campaign.  It works like a lease, but you don't pay.  You do still need to meet the driver requirements, but we provide the car!  Full Wrap:  You provide the car, we wrap it and you get paid up to $400.00 a month.  Sign Up!


FreeCar is advertising supported.  Advertisers choose the drivers they want based on the information you provide us.  You will never have to pay a cent to participate in the program.  When you are chosen, your vehicle will be wrapped in an attractive advertisement and you will get paid up to $900.00 a month.  Whether you're a soccer mom, single person, banker, radical snowboarder, or a busy commuter, you can be part of our peer to peer advertising programs.  So, take a little time to fill out the application and we'll do our best to put you in the driver's seat!